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Skincare Tips to Consider before Going on a Vacation this Summer

With summer vacations upon us, many of us are planning to escape the heat either by going on a hill station or lying around the cool sunny beaches. However, both these destinations having different climate conditions will take a toll on your skin if no skin care regimen is taken. Flocking to these destinations demand certain skin regimens typical to the conditions there.

Travelling whether by air, road or train can take a toll on the skin. There is nothing worse than having a holiday or vacation ruined by causing a skin problem.

Worry not preventing skin problems during journey is quite easy, as long as you’re in adherence with these tips:

Consider taking care of not just face but your hands & feet too while going out on a trip. Whether you’re going on a beach destination in Kerala or a hill station in Kerala, don’t ignore sun protection.

The key to a wonderful trip lies in thoughtful planning and preparations. If you are unaware of a particular destination or don’t know how to manage the aspects of your trip, take help from an experienced traveler along with a skin specialist before embarking on your journey.

Below are some tips you have to consider for both hot & cold travel destinations in Kerala. The ultra dry and cold air on airplane along with the place you’re visiting can make it important to follow certain skincare routine. It’s really a good idea to get some travel versions of moisuteriser, cleanser, exfoliant, lotion and cream and pack it in your bag. To keep your skin hydrated, re-apply the lotion while in the plain.

For Beach Destinations: While on vacation on a beach, exfoliate as well as moisturize your feet every night. Travelling around the attractions and walking barefoot on the beach may lead to feet havoc and your feet will seem tired. Buy a foot file & use it onto you soles and heels while taking bath. Afterwards soothe your feet with a moisturizing cream.

Carry a first aid kit along with you where you need to include stuffs like anti-allergic tablet, smoothening calamine yet aloe vera lotion and a topical steroid cream such as clobetasone or mometasone. These creams can be used in case you have skin allergy or skin rash problems. In case you got bitten by a jellyfish at the beach, you’re not likely to find a doctor nearby, so a medical kit would be helpful to have.

While travelling in a car, always wear shoes and socks. The floor of some cars may heat up due to sun that may cause foot burn.

Be careful of the vehicles parked in the sun. Belt buckles, seats and other surfaces of the vehicles may get heat up severely, which coming in contact with skin can cause skin burns.

While covering long distance travel through bus or car, make sure you drink plenty of water and fluids. Just rubbing creams on the outer surface isn’t going to save you from heat, what you also need is a healthy diet and peaceful mind. Drink at least 12-14 glasses water per day. Intake of fluids and liquids help you keep your skin hydrated and retain the essential oils and acts as a natural shield against dryness.

Before travelling to a dry place you can start taking oral supplement in advance at least one week before the travel.

For Hill Stations: If you’ve been exposed to severe cold or snow, don’t get your feet directly under heater vents. Hot air can burn your skin.

Take care of feet and hands while paying a visit to the hill stations. Apply thick petroleum jelly and certain creams to keep it moist and put on soft cotton socks.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to explore a warm place or a cold place, sun protection it a must.

Consider these ideas and make your journey satisfying!