Kerala Boat Races

Boat Races

When it comes to sports, Kerala cannot be left behind as the real potential which lies in its natives comes out in the open at the very time when Kerala boat races are held. Witness the combination of unity, sync, dedication and hard work all together, when the locals get down taking part in the extremely engrossing races held in Kerala. These races are mind boggling and immensely captivating to the eyes of the onlookers. Herds of audiences are found sitting at the banks with eager eyes to witness the climax. Witness the Sleek Serpent boats, furious paddling and the grand fest of the boat races, for a traveler witnessing the Kerala races will be the most overwhelming part of his trip to Kerala. These races are specifically held at the time of festivals, some of the most popular boat races of Kerala are Indira Gandhi Boat Race, Chambakulam Boat Race, Nehru Trophy Boat Race and Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race. Witness the largest team in the world entering into a friendly rivalry, at boat races in Kerala.

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